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Aqua One Advance Filters Available from Aqua One Parts

We strongly recommend Aqua One’s latest range of external aquarium filters. The Advance series offer superb value coupled with the quality and operational toughness you have come to expect from Aqua One. Starting with the surprisingly compact Advance 550 which suits all aquariums up to 100l, the range encompasses the Advance 750 (up to 150l), the best-selling Advance 1050 (up to 200l) and on to the Advance 1250 (up to 250l).


Aqua One chose to name their newly developed canister filter range Advance because they felt they had advanced their canister filter design in several important ways. The older CF canister filters have proved themselves again and again in the field being robust and having a superbly long operating life. Aqua One wanted to retain these features while offering improvements in other areas.

Unique Filter Media

The first area of important improvement is filter media. The Aqua One Advance series offer very high quality, high surface area hyper-baked ceramic media in two forms: both strata and noodles. These are capable of housing massive populations of nitrifying bacteria and will contribute strongly to your aquarium’s long term stability. Long life Open cell foam is also provided in two grades and a fine polymer wool layer completes the selection. If you are looking for further improvements we suggest a bag of Advance carb placed in the top media tray of the filter will both de odourise and clarify your set up: well worth the effort involved.

Advance filter Media

Easy Priming

For the first time Aqua One have incorporated and easy to use, push down, priming device to help you prime the Advance filters – it’s simple, very easy to use and robust.

Able to Cope

We have noted many times just how well Aqua One Advance filters cope with high waste levels in an aquarium. The magnetic drive motors seem more powerful than many competing filters and will keep on delivering good flow even when holding a good amount of fish waste. Don’t use this an excuse to neglect your aquarium but it is reassuring to know that that your Advance filter will continue to function in even the toughest conditions.


As one of Aqua One’s longest established retailers Aqua One Parts are fully authorised to offer the full manufacturer’s three year warranty. You will find our fault finding ability and warranty support to be second to none. However please also note that we haven’t had a single Advance filter fail in the field…. Not one.

Support and Spares.

No one knows the Aqua One Advance filter range better than we do. We are familiar with every fitting, every item of media and every last small component. No one can support you better and ensure your long term satisfaction. Trust Aqua One Parts to get it right for you.

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