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Aqua One Lighting.

Great lighting lies at the very heart of any successful aquarium.  The fantastic beauty of fish: their colour, form and movement become mesmerizing when lit effectively. Maintaining and improving your Aqua One set up’s lighting is always an investment in viewing pleasure.

How long will the Aqua One fluorescent tubes in my set up last?

The phosphorescent coating on all fluorescent tubes begins to deteriorate as soon as you begin using the tube. Thankfully it’s a slow process and fluorescent tubes give of their best over six to eight months. After this you should change them as the remaining, limited output will not show your fish off and will certainly not benefit your plants or corals. This applies to standard T8 tubes, the slimmer T5 tubes and the energy saving PL tubes.

My Aqua One set up grows loads of algae and my fish don't look as good as they did. Is it my lighting?

Sadly even Aqua One lighting gets past its best eventually. Old tubes my still appear to light up but their spectral output is sadly lacking and can really begin to encourage nuisance algae. Fit New Tubes every six months for best results.

My aquarium looks dull and boring. Will new tubes help?

Sure it can, a change is as good as a rest and even new tubes of the same type will often look far brighter and fresher in your set up. We are constantly amazed at how old tubes have deteriorated and we didn't notice until we fitted new ones!

I like the sound of the new Aqua One Fluorescent tubes you sell such as Tropical and Marine Blue. Can I hurt my fish by choosing the wrong type.

We are pleased to say that you cant hurt your fish by changing the tubes you use. You can alter the colour balance, which is fun, but no, you cant hurt them. If you need advice about new Aqua One fluorescent tubes  please feel free to call or email us.

My light unit doesn’t work anymore but I’m not sure which Aqua One aquarium I own. Can you help?

Of course we can. Just email a couple of images of your set up to us along with some measurements (in mm please). We’ll identify it and come straight back to you with a replacement cost. Dont forget that we can supply any Aqua One light unit that is still in production.

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Aqua One PL9w Lamps Aqua One PL11w Lamps Aqua One PL18w Lamps Aqua One PL24w Lamps Aqua One PL36w Lamps
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Original Aqua One replacement Sunlight Flourescent Lighting Tube to suit AquaNano 25 / 30 Aquarium.

◾ Balanced complete lighting
◾ Low energy/Long Life Tube
◾ Easy to fit
◾ High Output & Encourages plant growth

11 watt PL energy saving lighting tubes are utilized in a variety of smaller Aqua One aquariums. Here at Aquarium Parts we carry the full range of original Aqua One replacement tubes, ranging from bright blue to soft pink. All PL-11 watt lamps are interchangeable, so don't be afraid to experiment. As ever, please don't hesitate to contact us for lighting advice. Trust Aquarium Parts to help renew your Aqua One PL-18 lighting tubes. The PL-18Ws are excellent energy saving lighting tubes which are available in a wide range of output intensities and colours. All PL-18W tubes are available from stock and delivered to your door. Pl-24 watt lighting tubes are not only energy efficient throughout their lives, but are also very bright, making them ideal for deeper aquariums and those where high output is desired. All fluorescent tubes should be changed every six months in order to maintain output and minimise algae growth. The largest size of PL lighting tube is the PL-36W. The higher wattage means higher output and the PL-36 watt is frequently utilised in those setups featuring living Corals or tanks which are generously planted. super bright Sunlight tubes are available to provide real lighting punch, while marine blue tubes can help reproduce an authentic marine environment.
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