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Ecostyle 42

Compact but high value and high tec the Ecostyle 42 aquarium will keep quite a good selection of fish happy for a long time if well maintained and cared for. Don’t forget that that our multi packs of Aqua One105c carbon cartridges and low, low cost delivery will mean you can keep your Ecostyle 42 looking good on a really strict budget.

Maintaining The Ecostyle 42


Check that the filter is running well and water is easily able to pass through the filter media. Old filter media can easily cause water to back up and leak out of the aquarium. Check that the water temperature is correct and the filter intake isn’t blocked with debris. Rinse the Aqua One 105s sponge inserts in a little aquarium water if required.


Change the Aqua One 105c carbon cartridges as the carbon in these becomes exhausted after a few weeks use and rinsing it out doesn’t restore performance: quite the opposite. Clean the trickle filter pump and rinse away any dirt and debris. Check the spray-bar isn’t blocked with leaves and other rubbish.


Fit a new Aqua One 105i impeller as this will have turned through billions of revolutions during the year and wear is inevitable. Check all pipework for firm connections and free water flow. Consider a new intake strainer if this looks beyond its best. Congratulate yourself on a good job well done!

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