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UFO 700 Aquarium


Now discontinued but still giving excellent service in many fishkeeping homes the Aqua One UFO700 featured standard T8 fluorescent tubes and, right at the back, Aqua One’s trademark over tank trickle filter which just can’t be beaten for tropical use. Aqua One Parts have the best prices around on UFO 700 filter media: 58w Polymer wool pads, 58s foam sponge pads and, of course Bionood. Plus our usual selection of new pumps, heaters, pipework, spray-bars etc.

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UFO 700

175 Litres

Tank - 108 x 71 x 55cm

Cabinet - 108 x 71 x 76cm

Built in reflector lighting system of the UFO 700 incorporates fluorescent light tubes with individual switching allowing variable spectrum lighting

UFO 700 Aquarium

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