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Tap water is unsafe for use in your aquarium. It is produced to be universally safe to drink, cook with or bath in but the very measures that make it safe for our use make it dangerous for fish use.

Why not?

Tap water is treated with toxic Chlorine to stop anything living in our water supply. As fish keepers we are trying to accomplish the opposite. Chlorine is especially poisonous to fish and must be removed before use as must the heavy metal contamination that water picks up in our older, household pipework. In addition tap water may well have an entirely wrong chemical and biological composition for aquarium use. Tap water probably doesn’t have the pH value that your fish enjoy or any beneficial filtration bacteria.

I’m concerned about tap water quality. What can I do?

Fortunately we can help. Aqua One have a range of top quality water conditioners to cleanse and purify your tap water, making it ready for aquarium use. We suggest Aqua One Health Plus to render tap water much healthier for use in your aquarium and a biological enhancer like Aqua One Bio Starter to add in the ‘good’ filtration bacteria your set up needs to thrive. We can even help you adjust the pH of tap water until it is just like the water your fish originally came from and help your plants to thrive with great plant food, all from Aqua One.

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