Aqua One Netting Bags

Aqua One Netting Bags Available from Aqua One Parts

Aqua One Netting Bags

There isn’t any filtration benefit to Aqua One’s little netting bags, they just make life a lot easier when you have to clean your filter out or deal with unruly filter media. Nicely constructed from Nylon easy to rinse with a reusable draw string top we cant think of a better media bag to keep your Bio Noodles, or Bio ring plus or Premium carbon or Chemizee together.

Just put the new media of your choice inside the bag and rinse briefly before placing carefully into your filter. The Aqua One Advance filters, CF external filters and the Marisys all benefit from sensible use of the net bags. Don’t overfill the media bag, it should have some capacity to spread out inside the filter so the media isn’t forced together in a hard lump. Some media ‘clump’ very easily in this situation and water won’t be able to flow through them easily.

At clean out time remove the old media from the net bag before giving the bag only (not the media) a good blast under a running tap to clean it. Adsorbative media such as Premium Carbon or Chemizee should always be thrown away after a month to six weeks’ use. Bio media such as Bio Noodles or Bio Ring Plus can be easily reused. Your Aqua One net bag should last through a few filter clean outs as long as it isn’t filled repeatedly to bursting point.

Aqua One Chemizee Available from Aqua One Parts

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