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Taming your Moray: How to get the best out of The Aqua One Moray 320 Internal Filter.

The Moray filter range are Aqua One’s latest internal filters and are designed to utilise a number of filter media in specific stages to purify and clarify aquarium water. The Moray filters disassemble easily for cleaning and we suggest the following maintenance regime:


Check the Moray 320 is flowing well and disturbing the surface of your aquarium.


Remove the Moray 320 from your aquarium and rinse the ceramic 417c cartridge in some aquarium water, do the same with the 416s foam cartridge. Never rinse these out under the tap as essential filtration bacteria will be killed.

Throw the 416c Carbon cartridge away – these cannot be reused and fit a fresh one that you have briefly rinsed to remove any fine carbon dust.

Finally, check the impeller is clean and spinning freely before reassembling the filter and enjoying another month of clean, fresh aquarium water.


The 417c ceramic bio cartridge becomes clogged over time so replace this every year along with the 416s foam insert which starts to become ragged by this point.  Fit a new 416i impeller while you are about it to ensure another year’s high performance filtration.

Fish grow if you look after them......

The filter that worked so well a year ago might be struggling now with the increased waste levels from larger fish. Do consider our Unique Buy Back Scheme if you would like to upgrade your filter to an Aqua One Advance external filter.


Internal Filter Buy Back Scheme

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