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Ecostyle 61

The Aqua One Ecostyle 61 is a surprisingly spacious set up with excellent Led lights and a great trickle filter with a fair turnover. We think that there is a lot of space wasted in this filter and advise that you can easily improve it by adding some of our specially selected Bio Balls to enhance the biological capacity of your set up. Best of all they are made from recycled materials and last forever!

Maintaining the Ecostyle 61


Keep problems at bay by checking everything is working well once per week at least. Water should be flowing well through the filter and the water should also be clear and clear with no odour or discolouration. Don’t be afraid to rinse the Aqua One 106s Sponge inserts if required in some water from the aquarium.


Change the Aqua One106c carbon cartridges as the carbon in these becomes exhausted after a few weeks use and rinsing it out doesn’t restore performance: quite the opposite. Don’t forget that we can save to money with our low cost multi packs of these essential cartridges. Rinse the Bioballs you bought cheaply from us (!) , clean the trickle filter pump and rinse away any dirt and debris. Check the spray-bar isn’t blocked with leaves and other rubbish.


Fit a new Aqua One 106i impeller as this will have turned through billions of revolutions during the year and wear is inevitable. Check all pipework for firm connections and free water flow. Consider a new intake strainer if this looks beyond its best. If the worse comes to the worse be reassured that Aqua One Parts can get a new Aqua One Ecostyle 61 pump or any other part to your to your door in next to no time.

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