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Aqua One Impellers.

The impeller is a feature of every Aqua One Internal filter, filter pump, power head and canister filter. It is generally the only moving part within a filter and spins at many thousands of revolutions per hour. The blades of the impeller spinning through the water inside the pump cause water to move through the filter. It’s a very simple and reliable operating principle that is also very energy efficient.

The impeller is sized according the amount of water flow required from the pump and is carefully matched to the pump body. Its therefore important to choose the correct impeller as it highly unlikely that the wrong impeller will fit at all, let alone work efficiently. Here at Aqua One parts we have invested quite a bit of time photographing each impeller in Aqua One’s range and we would encourage our customers to match their old impeller to the images as closely as possible before ordering. If you are not sure what you need please don’t be afraid to call us for help but do try to be aware of what filter you actually own.

Because Impellers spin very swiftly and are constantly in use they do wear quite swiftly and often become noisy when past their best. An impeller that is very well used may crack or fall apart, when this happens the filter will not work again at all until the impeller is replaced. For this reason we suggest keeping a spare impeller around and replacing the old one each year without fail.

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