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Getting The Best From Your Aqua One CF 700 Canister Filter

Built to last, simple and robust the CF series of canister filters have been hugely popular in the UK and over ten years have sold in their hundreds of thousands. That’s good news for current owners because it means spares supply will be maintained for a long time to come.

Here at Aqua One Parts we have Aqua One hosing available by the metre, priming caps, tap sets, impellers, intake strainers complete accessory kits, sealing rings and media tray O rings all available for immediate dispatch.

We also provide all the filter media available including the coarse blue foam and the finer black foam, the white polymer fibre mat and Bio Noodles of course. You can buy all these essentials as a complete kit and, of course try our Bio Ring Plus sintered ceramic biomedia as well. Do remember that adding a net media bag filled with Premium quality activated carbon to the top tray of your CF 700 filter will make a substantial difference to water quality and clarity.

We suggest the following as the best maintenance regime for your Aqua One CF700 canister filter:


Check visually to make sure that the filter is flowing well and that the intake strainer isn’t blocked with debris.

Four to Six weekly

Clean the filter out, rinsing the blue and black foam thoroughly in some aquarium water which is then thrown away. Clean the Bio Noodles the same way. The white polymer layer in the top tray (37W) should be replaced as it cannot be rinsed. If you have added a bag of activated carbon change this as well as it is an adsorbative and cannot be rinsed clean. Have some Bio Noodles or BioRing Plus on hand and exchange a few pieces for new ones to keep your filter media fresh and the bacteria culture lively.

Six monthly

Treat your CF700 to some new foam pads as the cell structure will be starting to collapse on the old ones. Don’t change the foam and the BioNoodles together. As too many ‘good’ bacteria are lost all at once.


Fit a new 37i impeller and a new main sealing ring to prevent leaks and maintain performance. Check all pipework and connections for leaks. If you have any doubts about the taps change them at the same time. Half an hour spent now means a whole year’s worth of trouble free performance from your CF700.

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