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AquaStyle AR 510 Aquarium


Accepting two of the energy saving PL11 compact fluorescent tubes and two 2c Carbon and Polymer Wool cartridges the Aqua Style 510 from Aqua One is both well filtered and well lit. Change the cartridges every six weeks and the PL11 tubes every six to eight months for best ongoing results.

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AquaStyle (AR) 510

75 Litres

Tank - 51 x 54 x 34cm

The hugely effective trickle top filter remains, of course, unchanged as does the super bright compact PL lighting.

AquaStyle 510 Aquarium

Maintaining your AquaStyle 510 aquarium

The AquaStyle 510 aquarium has it's very own trickle filtration system built in, which means that maintenance is exceptionally easy. As always, we recommend changing the wool pads once a month, rinsing the filter foams in a little aquarium water at the same time, but exchanging these every 6 months as they deteriorate over this period.

Whilst exchanging your wool pad, it's always a good idea to remove a handful of the dirtiest bio noodles and introduce some new ones. Never change the bio-nood completely as they provide a home to essential nitrifying bacteria.

A great tip for giving your water that final 'polish' is to squeeze in a bag of Advance carb or Chemizee down amongst the bio-nood on the bottom of your trickle filter. Either of these will really improve water quality and should be changed every four to six weeks when you change your Wool cartridge.

Renew your Aquarium Lighting Tubes

It's also a really good idea to change your aquarium lighting tubes every 6 months or so, as spectral output from fluorescent tubes will diminish over this period, which can often lead to an increase in algae in your aquarium. Customers are often surprised by how much brighter the a new aquarium fluorescent tube is, bringing out the very best appearance in your fish, plants and other aquarium inhabitants.

A Spare Filter Pump Impeller

Another great fish keeping tip is to always keep a spare filter pump impeller. These little devices are often the only moving part in your entire filtration setup and work incredibly hard, spinning several thousand times per hour. It's inevitable therefore that some wear will eventually occur and performance be affected. Regularly checking / cleaning your existing filter pump impeller is a must and should be done once a month, but having a new impeller on hand to exchange when you need is a really smart thing to do.

Don't wait until your heater fails...

We can't stress enough the importance of keeping a spare aquarium heater as part of your essential set up. Don't be caught out when your aquarium heater fails, have a spare aquarium heater on hand to exchange immediately and so maintain water temperature and ensure your livestock are undisturbed. If you need any help regarding your AquaStyle 380 aquarium or it's maintenance please don't hesitate to Email Us


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