Aqua One Sponge Pads

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Aqua One Sponge Pads

More properly called Aqua One Bio Foam the open cell, black or blue foam produced by Aqua One to fit your aquarium or filter is especially designed to fulfil two key filtration functions. The first function is to trap solid waste without which your aquarium would never be clear and the second, even more important function, is acting as a home for nitrifying filtration bacteria which process the toxic Ammonia your fish produce as a dissolved waste product.

Never wash an Aqua One Sponge pad out under the tap as this kills the beneficial bacteria. Instead squeeze the pad out in a little aquarium water which is then thrown away. After a few months the cell structure of the foam begins to collapse and the pad will begin to get harder to rinse – at this point it should be exchanged for a new one.

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