Aqua One Betta Trio Aquarium Spares

Aqua One Betta Trio Aquarium

The 32 litre Aqua One Betta Trio Aquarium is designed to accommodate three Siamese fighters (Betta) in their own compartments. A number of other small fish and shrimps could be easily kept instead.  

A 50w Aqua One Nano heater should be added to the rear compartment to keep the aquarium warm (Bettas are from South East Asia).

We suggest changing the Aqua One 1c carbon cartridge every month and changing 25% of the tank’s volume every two to three weeks. Replace the Aqua One 102c ceramic cartridge every three to six months or so and treat the filter pump to a new impeller once per year to ensure continuous performance. The Aqua One 113s sponge insert will last around a year before replacement becomes necessary. Don’t forget to keep a few spare cover clips around for those unfortunate accidents: they are easily lost or broken, but cheaply replaced.



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Aqua One Betta Trio


Tank - 55 x 25 x 25cm

The Betta’s are supplied with extremely efficient built in filtration

Aqua One Betta Trio

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