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AquaStart 320T Aquarium


The AquaStart range offers great viewing of any aquascape with its bright PL lamps built into the hood. The tanks come complete with internal filtration for beautiful clear water. Choose your AquaStart 320T Spares from our complete range of genuine Aqua One products, including, sponge foam pads, PL-11 lighting, heaters, filter pumps and impellers. No one cares more about your aquarium than Aqua One and Aqua One Parts

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AquaStart 320T

36 Litres

Tank - 33 x 30 x 46cm

Cabinet - 33 x 30 x 72cm

The AquaStart 320T aquarium comes in 5 bold striking and exciting colours to choose from, offering an additional 8 litres in water capacity due to the extra height added. Complete with an Internal Filter and a fully integrated compact T5 light unit. We believe this range of extra tall 320’s has improved an already extremely popular range of aquariums even further!

AquaStart 320T Aquarium

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