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Getting The Best From Your Aqua One Ocellaris 3000UV Canister Filter

Aqua One’s New Ocellaris range of external filters look set to continue the success of their CF and Advance canister filter ranges, both of which have proved very reliable and continue to be backed by the best spares support in the aquatic industry. The Ocellaris 3000UV external filter is very large, modern and robust. Intended for set ups of between 400 and 600l with a maximum output of 3000l per hour , the Ocellaris 3000UV feature an excellent array of filter media including, polymer wool, blue and black sponge and ceramic Bionoodles. This combination combined with regular maintenance should keep your set up sparkling clear.

Here at Aqua One Parts we have the essential 141w polymer pads, 141s coarse blue sponge pad, 142s fine black sponge pad and 600g Bionoodles. Even better we have 1000g packs of our excellent Bio Ring Plus. Let’s not forget a new UV tube for your Ocellaris 3000UV every six months. Do remember that adding a net media bag filled with Aqua One Advance carb activated carbon to your Ocellaris 3000UV filter will make a substantial difference to water quality and clarity.

Here’s our suggested maintenance Regime for your Aqua One Ocellaris 3000UV External Filter based on our extensive experience of this filter:


Check visually to make sure that the Ocellaris 3000UV is flowing well and that the intake strainer isn’t blocked with debris.

Four to Six weekly

Clean the Ocellaris 3000UV out, rinsing the 141s and 142s sponge pad thoroughly in some aquarium water which is then thrown away. Clean the Bionoodles the same way. The 141w white polymer pad in the top tray should be thrown away and replaced as it cannot be rinsed. If you have added a bag of Advance carb change this as well as it is an adsorbative and cannot be rinsed clean. Have some Bionoodles or Bio Ring Plus on hand and exchange a few pieces for new ones to keep your filter media fresh and the bacteria culture lively.

Six monthly

Treat your Ocellaris 3000UV to a new 142s fine black sponge pad as the cell structure will be starting to collapse on the old one. Don’t change the 141s coarse blue sponge pad at the same time as too many ‘good’ bacteria are lost all at once. it’s also time to fit a new UV tube.


Fit a new 141i impeller and a new main sealing ring to prevent leaks and maintain performance. Check all pipework and connections for leaks. If you have any doubts about the taps change them at the same time. Half an hour spent now means a whole year’s worth of trouble free performance from your Ocellaris 3000UV.

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