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Aqua One Carbon Cartridges: How do they work?

The Aqua One Carbon Cartridge comes in many shapes and sizes suiting aquariums as diverse as the Aqua Nano, Aqua start Pro, Aqua Style and Aqua Mode. However they all fulfil the same two important functions: The Polymer wool layer traps solid waste and the carbon layer adorbs toxic waste products and clarifies the water leaving it clear and odour free. Its an effective solution

Trapping waste

Trapping solid waste in the Aqua One carbon cartridge is essential on two levels. Firstly, no aquarium will be clear without fine particles being removed. Nothing detracts more from a tank’s appearance than floating debris.  In addition trapping solids means that the later filtration stages such as BioRing Plus or Bio Noodles do not become clogged with solids which vastly reduces their efficiency.

Activated Carbon

The activated carbon granules in the Aqua One Carbon Cartridge remove dissolved toxins such as ammonia, discolouration’s such as albumens, and odour causing agents. Activated carbon works by attracting molecules of waste to its ultra porous surface where they become covalently bonded, the bond is a permanent one.  The trade of is that activated  carbon generally lasts four to six weeks in an aquarium and cannot be rinsed clean or regenerated.  

When should I fit new Cartridges?

We strongly recommend changing your Aqua One Carbon Cartridge every four to six weeks. The polymer wool layer gets clotted with waste and water begins to lie on top of the cartridge rather than flow through it ( more aquarium ‘leaks’ are caused through this than anything else). The carbon granules are also exhausted by this time and they are so important to the health of your set up that this is another good reason to fit fresh cartridges rather to attempt a quick rinse.

How Can I Keep Running Costs to a Minimum?

Here at Aqua One Parts we carry the UK’s largest stock of Aqua One Carbon Cartridges outside of Aqua One themselves. Do check out our money saving double and triple packs and don’t forget that orders over just £25 are delivered absolutely free of charge to mainland UK addresses. Or, join our VIP Club and get a whole year’s worth of deliveries for just ten pounds, no order is too large or too small.

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