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Aqua One Heating Available from Aqua One Parts

Aqua One Aquarium Heaters.

The last thing you need to be worrying about with your aquarium is the heater. A heater should be fit and forget. It should come pretty much pre-set, be easy to adjust and robust in use. A long warranty gives peace of mind and a basic indication of manufacturing quality.

The Aqua One heater range provides all of the above and is great value as well. We’ve used so many established heater brands of the years but have been won over by Aqua One’s simple, tough designs that just last and last. They really are heaters you can afford to forget about because they won’t let you down.


Aqua One Glass Heaters Available from Aqua One Parts

Aqua One Standard Glass Heaters

Don’t let the term ‘standard’ put you off. Aqua One have manufactured hundreds of thousands of these great value heaters. They are simple and tough in use and have a superbly easy adjustment mechanism. We have used so many of these over the last decade that they have become our ‘go to’ heater for most applications. Aqua One’s generous three year warranty and the low, low prices we have on these heaters should tell you everything else you need to know.



Aquariums Up To


Cable Length

Operating Voltage


25w 25Litres 18.5cm 1.8m 240V/50Hz
55w 50Litres 18.5cm 1.8m 240V/50Hz
100w 100Litres 20cm 1.8m 240V/50Hz
150w 150Litres 20.5cm 1.8m 240V/50Hz
200w 200Litres 27.5cm 1.8m 240V/50Hz
300w 300Litres 33cm 1.8m 240V/50Hz


Aqua One Heater Guard

Fish have a much simpler nervous system than we do and often don’t register that they are being burned by a heater until its far too late.  We’ve seen some horrible heater burns which are thankfully easily preventable by fitting an Aqua One Heater Guard to your Thermosafe or Standard Aqua one Heater. Its a low cost, reliable solution.


Aqua One Suckers - for Aqua One glass heaters and Thermosafe heaters

A Pack of two Aqua One heater suckers and clips. These fit all the Aqua One standard glass heaters as well as the Aqua One Thermosafe heater range. Just slide them on and your heater will once again stay where you put it.


How do I know which Aqua One Aquarium Heater is best for my set up?

As a general rule we suggest around a Watt of heater power for each litre of water. Perhaps allow a little more if the aquarium to be heated is kept in a cold location. For example if your aquarium holds around 90l of water we would suggest a 100w Aqua One Heater. If it holds 180l then a 200w heater would be ideal. Large aquariums of 300l or more should always have two heaters fitted for safety’s sake, especially in Winter.

Just one last thing……

For whatever reason Aqua One Heaters seem to come with the best suckers and brackets we’ve ever come across: they work really well and seem to last a long, long time. Life’s too short to be thinking much about heater suckers….

* Please please unplug any submerged electrical aquarium equipment before you handle it. Safety features are there for emergency use and shouldn’t be used as an excuse to endanger yourself. Heaters can be replaced: you can’t and customers are precious to us!!


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