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Aqua One Powerheads & Pumps

Spare Parts for Aqua One Pumps….. We know best.

These pumps work so hard in our aquariums. We run them twenty four hours per day, seven days per week…. They don’t even get Christmas day off!

Its hardly surprising then that even the very robust, simple pumps provided by Aqua One occasionally need replacing. Everything eventually wears out and you simply cannot take chances with something as essential to your fish as decent filtration.

Thanks to Aqua One Parts obtaining the right pump for your set up has just got a lot easier. No need to phone round dealers at the last moment, no need to wait for things to be ordered into stock. We have every pump currently available, ready for immediate dispatch at the lowest price around. All the pumps are UK spec and carry the full manufacturer’s warranty. In addition we offer free ongoing support for all your aquarium problems… stop right here. We have what you need.

No one knows Aqua One Pumps like Aqua One Parts. We know every spare part for every model of Aqua One pump that has ever imported to the UK. Ten years of close cooperation with Aqua One UK means that we are the go to source for Spare Parts for Aqua One Pumps. No matter how old or how obscure the part you need we will probably recognise it, stock it and be able to send it straight out to you. Only we can do this because our sales volume enables us to subsidise both a massive stock holding and uniquely low cost postage.

Aqua One Canister Filter Pump Spare Parts

Aqua One Canister filter pump Impellers

All of Aqua One’s Canister Filters have their own pump stretching from the well known Aqua One CF range with the CF500, CF700, CF1000 and CF1200 models to the very popular Advance Series including the Advance 550, Advance 750, Advance 1050 and the Advance 1250. The Aqua One CF canister filters all benefit from a new impeller every year and we stock both the Aqua One 37i impeller (for the CF500 and CF700 canister filters) and the Aqua One 39i impeller ( for the CF1000 and CF1200 canister filters) . Likewise the Aua One Advance 550 and 750 will run far better for a yearly replacement Aqua One 401i impeller and the Advance 1050 and Advance 1250 will be quieter and more efficient when a new Aqua one 403i impeller is fitted.

Aqua One Tap Sets

One of the most commonly requested Spare Parts for Aqua One Canister filter pumps are the Aqua One tap sets with original Aqua One replacements being available for the CF series filters and the Advance filters too. Old, worn tap sets are a common source of leaks so do start here if your Aqua One Advance Filter or Aqua One CF canister filter is losing water.

Aqua One Seals

If your Aqua One canister filter has started to leak we suggest looking at the filter taps sets and seals as the most likely culprits. We stock main sealing rings for all the CF canister filters and the newer Advance series too. Don’t forget to check and renew the Media Tray o rings while you are about it – it makes sense to renew all the seals at the same time.

Aqua One CF Primer Cap

The Aqua One CF series filters all feature a twist lock Primer Cap which becomes worn over time and can be responsible for slight leaks. There are two models, one primer cap for the CF500 and CF 700 and a larger primer cap for the CF1000 and CF1200. Replacement is an inexpensive thirty second job.

Aqua One Trickle filter Pump Parts

Many Aqua One Aquariums make use of their built in trickle filter technology which works really well. Naturally Aqua One Parts have spare parts for the Aqua One pumps used  for all these aquariums including the AquaMode 600 and Aqua Mode 900, the Aquastyle AR380, AR620, AR620T, AR850 and AR980. We also have all Aqua One Pump Parts for the UFO 550, UFO 700 and the Aqua Start 340 Pro.

Most recently the New Aqua One Ecostyle Aquarium range has arrived and we have everything you will need for your Ecostyle 32, Ecostyle 37, Ecostyle 42, Ecostyle 47, Ecostyle 61 and Ecostyle 81.

Complete new Aqua One trickle filter pumps

Sometimes your Aqua One pump just wears out and a new one is required to restore performance. Please check out the main spares page for your aquarium you will find we have the correct new pump for your Aqua One set up ready for immediate dispatch.

Aqua One Trickle Filter Pump Impellers

Whatever you need, we have it. The Aqua One 3i impeller for the AquaStyle 620, 620T and Aqua Mode 900 for example, the Aqua One 4i Impeller for the AquaStyle 850 and 980 or the Aqua One 1i impeller for the AquaStyle 380 or Aqua Mode 600. All the Aqua One impellers for the brand new Aqua One Ecostyle range are in stock too including the Aqua One 104i impeller for the Ecostyle 32 and 37, the Aqua One105i impeller for the Ecostyle 42 and 47 and the Aqua One106i impeller to suit the Ecostyle 61 and 81 aquariums. If you cant see what you need please take a look at our Aqua One Impeller page – it will be on there somewhere!

Aqua One Aqua Nano Pump Parts

We stock pump parts for all the AquaNano models including 25, 30, 40, 60 and the Aqua Nano marine 36 (which has two pumps of course).

Complete new Aqua One AquaNano filter pumps

We have every available new Aqua One filter pump for AquaNano aquariums available from our extensive stock including the Aqua One 101 pump for Aqua Nano, 25 and 30 and the Aqua One 102 pump for AquaNano 40.

Aqua One AquaNano Impellers

Fitting a new Aqua One impeller to your Aqua Nano Pump is the very best way to restore performance and maintain reliability in your filtration set up. Have a look at the main spares page for your Aqua Nano set up we are sure to have just what you need including the Aqua One 101i impeller for AquaNano 25, and 30 and the Aqua One 102i impeller for the AquaNano 40.


If you’ve read this far you know that Aqua One Parts is the UK’s largest and best source for all Spare Parts for Aqua One Pumps and new Aqua One Pumps if required. Do get in touch of you need any help with your Aqua One Pump, we are happy to earn your business.

Anything we missed?

If your Aqua One canister filter pump needs any other part and you cant see it on our website do please get in touch. We are absolutely certain we can help.

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