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Aqua One Marisys 240

Aqua One’s Marisys 240 has provided easy to fit under tank filtration for many marine aquariums up and down the UK. It offered multimedia trickle filtration coupled to an overflow box and air powered protein skimmer.

Many Marisys 240s are still in service today and also make a great second hand buy. We suggest replacing or at least serving the overflow flow box priming pump on a regular basis and making sure that the overflow box doesn’t become clogged with algae. Both of these measures are a huge help in preventing leaks.

Suggested Maintenance regime for your Marisys 240

The real secret to having long term fsih keeping success with a Marisys 240 on your set up is to keep an eye on the set up and make sure everything is flowing well and not blocking up.


Check that the priming pump is flowing water and that the overflow box is doing the same. Check the top tray of the trickle filter – if water is overflowing here it isn’t traveling through the filter. Replace the 411W polymer wool layer if overflow is occurring. The top tray of the filter is also a great place to keep your favourite phosphate remover by the way….  Check and clean the skimmer cup at this point too.

Monthly to six Weekly

Its filter clean out time, so fit a new 411W polymer wool layer of you haven’t done so over the last few weeks. Both 411c carbon pad and both 412c carbon bags are done for after this period so replace them with brand new ones.

Is the protein skimmer wooden air stone still producing nice, fine bubbles? If not fit a new one remembering that the original Aqua One diffusers are the only ones that fit properly.


The Overflow priming pump is often blocked up by now so fit a new service module if it is otherwise working well. Fit a new Impeller to the Marisys return pump and check the diaphragm in the protein skimmer air pump. Its also worthwhile removing the bridge from the overflow box and cleaning it thoroughly, removing and any nuisance algae that have grown in there over the year.   You should now be all set for a full year of trouble free marine keeping!

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