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AquaMode 300 Aquarium

The AquaMode 300 has been crafted using a seamless glass front for the ultimate 180 degree viewing experience. Like all Aqua One aquariums, the AquaMode is manufactured using the highest quality glass to ensure durability and clarity, it incorporates the renowned Aqua One wet and dry trickle filter. Keep your Aqua One AquaMode 600 Aquarium in tip top condition with our fantastic range of genuine Aqua One spares and accessories , including heating, lighting and filtration products. No one cares more about your aquarium than Aqua One and Aqua One Parts

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20 Litres

38 x 47 x 24cm

Available in pink/silver stand; silver/chocolate stand; silver/beech stand and silver/silver stand.

AquaMode 300 Aquarium

Maintaining your AquaMode 300 Aquarium

Its really easy to keep your Aqua One Aquamode 300 in tip top condition. Clean the glass once per week with a suitable Aqua One Algae Scrub pad and carry out some basic water tests such as pH, Nitrite and Ammonia. Change 25% of the aquarium water every three to four weeks remembering to treat tapwater with Aqua One Health Plus Water conditioner. Use a Gravel Cleaner to extract waste from the aquarium substrate and clean the filter or filter pump at the same time.

Spares & Accessories

Its smart to keep a few spares around in case of failure so always have a spare Aqua One heater and pump impeller around as a minimum. We start each week with emergency phone calls from customers who's filter or heater stopped working without warning on Sunday evening.....Avoid the stress and panic by planning ahead: you'll be glad you did. If you are planning a revamp do cheack out our decor and ornament department, we have one of the largest selections on the internet.

Good Practice

The PL11 energy saving lighting tube fitted the the Aquamode 300 gives of its best over around six months. After this output falls off quickly so do fit a new one twice per year - we stock every PL11 lamp made by Aqua One. The filter pump impeller turns milions of revolutions every day and wear is inevitable so fit a new one every year to ensure filter performance in the long term. Never wash filter media out under the tap as essential filter bacteria will be killed, use a little aquarium water which can then be disgarded and,of course always condition tapwater with Aqua One Health Plus before use.

Aqua Mode 300 Maintenance Schedule

To keep your AquaMode 300 Aquarium in great condition doesn't take a great deal of effort, but we recommend the following maintenance schedule:

Weekly: clean glass and perform basic water tests. Check filter flow is good and fish are plump and healthy.

Monthly: change 25% of the aquarium water and clean the filter including the impeller chamber

Six Monthly: fit new PL11 lighting tube and check the clear cover over the tube. If cracked or opaque fit a replacement.

Yearly: Fit a new filter pump inpeller.

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