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Currently the second largest in the Aqua One AquaNano range the substantial AquaNano 40 holds 55l and makes a great environment for a variety of small fish and shrimps etc. We suggest changing the 1c carbon cartridge every month and changing 25% of the tank’s volume every two to three weeks. Replace the 102c bio-ceramic cartridge every six months or so and treat the filter pump to a new impeller once per year to ensure continuous performance

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AquaNano 40

55 Litres

Tank - 40 x 40 x 40cm

The filter unit built into the rear of the aquarium includes all media as well as housing the heater and the circulation pump.

AquaNano 40 Aquarium

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The secret to the Aqua One AquaNano 40’s success is its flexibility. The AquaNano 40 is equally at home as a small cold-water set up, a tropical community or a nano reef marine set up. Here are our top tips for keeping your AquaNano 40 in great shape week in and week out.

Be Gentle with those Nano Clips!

Removing the glass cover can easily result in broken glass cover clips, so take your time, easing the clips off while lifting the lid evenly. If you do break the Aqua One nano clips we have the best prices around on packs of six, twelve and eighteen.

Never wash your filter media under the tap!

Nothing kills of beneficial filtration bacteria like a good wash under the cold tap so only ever wash the Aqua One 117s sponge in a little aquarium water which can then be discarded. The Bio-noodles can be rinsed in the same way and changed every year or so as they become less porous and more clogged up.

Change, don’t wash the Aqua One 1c Carbon cartridge.

So many customers tell us that the water doesn’t flow properly through their AquaNano 40 filter compartment and then say they wash the Aqua One 1c carbon cartridge out again and again. Sadly this doesn’t work. The carbon layer in the Aqua One 1c carbon cartridge lasts four to six weeks and then  should be thrown away. The carbon has a wonderful purifying effect, removing odours, colouration and dissolved waste but it cannot be regenerated by washing. Take advantage of our money saving double and triple packs of the Aqua One 1c carbon cartridges and keep your set up looking clean and clear.

Don’t change water and clean the filter at the same time

Although it’s natural to want to give your AquaNano 40 a really good clean it’s easy to unbalance your set up by being too thorough. If you change a lot of water and then clean out the filter, too many filtration bacteria are lost and the AquaNano 40 can easily go cloudy. Much better to change the water one week and clean the filter the next.  If your set up does become cloudy, stop feeding for a couple of days and add some Aqua One Bio Starter to re establish those helpful bacteria colonies.

Don’t leave the light on all the time…

Whether you use the cool Aqua One 6w smart touch LED light or the PL18 light set up for your AquaNano on your AquaNano 40 do set up a regular photo period of around eight hours for your set up. If you light your AquaNano 40 for much more loads of algae will be your reward so be careful.

Clean the pump

While you are cleaning the AquaNano 40 filter compartment we suggest removing the pump and cleaning it well. Remove and inspect the impeller – change it once per year as a matter of course and make sure the pump intake and outlet pipework isn’t blocked with algae and debris.

Any other problems?

The AquaNano 40 is well made and should be durable in use. Problems in the field have been very few. But. If you have any other problems don’t hesitate to get in touch, no one knows more about Aqua One than Aqua One Parts.

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