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Aqua One 101F Internal Filter

As supplied with many of Aqua One’s smaller aquariums including the Aquastart 320, UFO 350, and Aqua Space 34 the 101F is simple and robust. Given a little care it will give years of low cost service. Just follow a few, simple steps to keep your Aqua One 101F in great operating condition:


Its always worth checking that the 101f in your set up is flowing well. Sometimes they may become blocked with waste or leaf debris and need cleaning more often than anticipated.


Rinse out the foam insert in a little aquarium water that can then be discarded. Don’t forget that these foam inserts are designed to become a home for useful nitrifying bacteria and aren’t supposed to be blasted clean under the tap. While you have the filter in pieces clean out the impeller and make sure it fires up first time when plugged in.

Six Monthly.

Its time to replace the 101s foam insert. Cut both new one and old one in half and use half of each for a month then throw away the ‘old’ half and replace with the second half of the new insert. Although this process seems messy it does enable the retention of the essential filtration bacteria.


Treat your Aqua One 101f to a new impeller once per year. It’s the only moving part and spins through billions of revolutions every month so wear is inevitable.  Changing the impeller ensures you aren’t suddenly left with a complete lack of filtration and is one less thing to worry about.


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