Tetramin Tropical Fish Food

 Tetramin Tropical Fish Food Available from Aqua One Parts


A constantly improved classic, Tetramin first appeared decades ago as the first 'complete' flaked dry fish food. We don't believe in feeding just one food item to your tropical fish but Tetramin is a superb basis on which to build. It combines great palatability with excellent nutritional content and even the most spoiled fish enjoy a few mouthfuls of Tetramin. You cant go wrong here, try a smaller size and be prepared to come back for a large size in a rush!

Tetra Prima

Originally developed as a granular discus food Prima looks like freeze dried instant coffee! Some granules float, and some sink slowly through the water enabling surface, mid water and bottom feeding fish to all enjoy the protein rich goodness contained in every granule. Discus are fussy feeders and designing a product for them means that only the best ingredients can be used so you can rest assured that Tetra Prima is good for all your tropical fish with perhaps the only exceptions being very tiny fish who might struggle to chew the granules but even these tend to grab chunks and run away to work on it!

Tetra Pro Colour

There are three Tetra Pro products and all are presented in the unique multi-coloured 'crisp' format. The small discs don't crumble in the pack so you don't end up with a centimetre of dust in the bottom of the container, Tetra Pro is consistent from top to bottom so you get to use every bit of it. Of the three Tetra Pro formulations we rate Tetra Pro Colour as being the best, It contains extra ingredients that will naturally bring out your fishes colour, making the best of every single fish in you set up.

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