AquaStyle(AR) 850 Trickle Filter

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Getting The Best From Your Aqua One AquaStyle (AR) 850 Trickle Filter.

The Aqua One AquaStyle 850 comes fitted with a large overhead trickle filter than cannot be beaten in terms of sheer filter performance. Trickle filters culture huge amounts of aerobic filtration bacteria and the Aqua One trickle filters also include excellent activated carbon and foam filter media. Keep this filter running well and you will achieve superb results from the AR850.

We suggest the following as the best maintenance regime for your Aqua One Aqua Style 850 Trickle filter:


Check visually to make sure that the filter is flowing well and that the intake strainer isn’t blocked with debris. Check also that the 4c Carbon cartridges aren’t blocked as this can easily cause an overflow.

Four to Six weekly

Clean the filter out, replacing the first stage 4c Carbon and Polymer wool cartridges as they will be choked with waste and debris and cannot be rinsed clean. Rinse the 4S Black biofoam set thoroughly in some aquarium water which is then thrown away. Clean the Bio Noodles the same way. Have some Bio Noodles or BioRing Plus on hand and exchange a few pieces for new ones to keep your filter media fresh and the bacteria culture lively.

Six monthly

Exchange the 4S black Biofoam for a new one as these become much more blockage prone over time. Don’t change the foam and the BioNoodles together. As too many ‘good’ bacteria are lost all at once.


Fit a new 4i impeller to maintain performance. Check all pipework and connections for leaks. Consider a new intake strainer  if yours is very caked up and crusty.   Half an hour spent now means a whole year’s worth of trouble free performance from your AR850.


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