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Aqua One Aquarium Thermometers

Reliable though Aqua One Aquarium Heaters are its important that you can easily check the temperature of your aquarium. In summer an aquarium can easily overheat while in winter you need to be sure that the setup is warm. Low temperatures are deadly to small tropical and marine fish. A decent thermometer needn’t be expensive and can easily pay for itself again and again. Aqua One Thermometer’s come in several different types. Broadly these are: internal, external and electronic.

Aqua One Internal Thermometers

Internal thermometers are frequently quite simple and low cost. But they can be very accurate as they are in contact with the water they are measuring.

Aqua One External Thermometers

External thermometers generally adhere to the outside glass surface of an aquarium and measure the temperature through the glass. While, occasionally, not the last word in accuracy, external thermometers are so easy and convenient to read as you glance at your setup.

Aqua One Electronic Thermometers

A little more expensive and needing new power cells once in a while electronic thermometers are growing rapidly in popularity because they combine improved accuracy with ease of use. Aqua One have both internal and external models.

Which Aqua One Thermometer is right for my set up?

Any thermometer will work in any aquarium so it’s hard to buy the wrong one. A common and practical solution is two thermometers: one internal for accuracy and one external for a speedy read when passing by. The only better solution is a decent electronic thermometer.

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