Aqua One Glass Heaters

Don’t let the term ‘standard’ put you off. Aqua One have manufactured hundreds of thousands of these great value heaters. They are simple and tough in use and have a superbly easy adjustment mechanism. We have used so many of these over the last decade that they have become our ‘go to’ heater for most applications. Aqua One’s generous three year warranty and the low, low prices we have on these heaters should tell you everything else you need to know.

Aqua One Glass Heaters Available from Aqua One Parts



Aquariums Up To


Cable Length

Operating Voltage


25w 25Litres 18.5cm 1.8m 240V/50Hz
55w 50Litres 18.5cm 1.8m 240V/50Hz
100w 100Litres 20cm 1.8m 240V/50Hz
150w 150Litres 20.5cm 1.8m 240V/50Hz
200w 200Litres 27.5cm 1.8m 240V/50Hz
300w 300Litres 33cm 1.8m 240V/50Hz


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