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The best selling Aqua One UF550 features two PL11w energy saving tubes and an excellent built in overhead trickle filter. We can help you restore your UFO 550 to complete health with new filter media (59w, 59S. Bionoodles) as well as new lights, heaters, pumps and pipework. Tip: Adding a small bag Of Aqua One Premium carbon makes a big difference to the water clarity in these set ups.

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UFO 550

100 Litres

Tank - 55 x 86 x 62cm

Cabinet - 55 x 86 x 76cm

These space saving corner aquariums are a stylish addition to even the smallest room. Supplied complete with filtration and lighting built into the slim line hood. The UFO 550 now comes with a modern Oak cabinet making it a perfect addition to a family home.

UFO 550 Aquarium

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