Aquarian Tropical Fish Food

 Aquarian Tropical Fish Food Available from Aqua One Parts

Aquarian Tropical Fish food

With its distinctive smell and large, textured flakes Aquarian Tropical Fish food is the flake food of choice for so many UK fish keepers. Its a nutritionally competent product and good basis on which to build a complete diet for your tropical community. Aquarian's easy on and off resealable tub means that for those who life in the fast lane it takes just seconds to feed your fish.

I'm feeding Aquarian Fish Food, what else should I feed my fish with?

Catfish Pellets

Not just catfish but any bottom dwelling fish such as dwarf cichlids, loaches, algae eaters, and housekeepers will benefit from a sinking pelleted food. Flake food is designed to float and many bottom feeders don't like or are incapable of making the journey to the surface. Keep them healthy with a decent pelleted food from New Era or Tetra.


A granular food is far from being a necessity but they are very flexible products useful for feeding to a variety of midwater and bottom feeding fish that might struggle to compete for flake food or have more complex nutritional requirements. Its hard to beat Tetra Prima in this role.

Aqua One Parts-the cheapest delivery options in the industy

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