New Era Tropical Fish Food

New Era Tropical Fish Food Available from Aqua One Parts

New Era Tropical Fish Foods

In our opinion this is the best dried fish food on the market today and its British to boot so lacks the high prices frequently associated with imported fish foods. Carefully made from only the best human food quality ingredients such as Icelandic Herring Meal , the very best shrimp meal and carefully selected macro algaes, then treated with as little heat as possible and left naturally undyed its little wonder that fish Love New Era foods of all kinds.

New Era Tropical Fish Flakes

Because this is completely natural and undyed its really boring to look at but all of the three thousand tropical fish we keep in stock love it none the less. The flakes are very soft and palatable, while being easy to crumple for smaller fish. Some particles fall slowly to suit mid-water feeders and New Era Tropical Flakes contain everything your fish need in nutritional terms. We suggest feeding once daily or twice daily for best results. Frequently two smaller feed will suit your fish more than one larger one because their stomach capacity is usually small.

New Era Catfish Pellets

These are great. The Pellets are small and soft, so as soon as they hit the bottom your catfish and other bottom feeders can enjoy them straight away - no waiting for the water to soften rock hard pellets. Adding a few small pellets rather than one large 'tablet' means that everyone gets the same opportunity to eat and 'food bullying' cannot occur. Your catfish will love them - ours do!

New Era Plec Pellets

You think your fish enjoy plec wafers? think again.... these are large, soft pellets, very deep green in colour which plecs adore and find far easier to eat than that rubbery algae wafers. Honestly, we promise you: your plecs and other sucker mouth catfish will love these, grow well on them and be healthy and long lived.

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