Aqua One Multi Packs

Aqua One Multi Packs Available from Aqua One Parts

Aqua One Multi Packs

We all like to save bit of time and money and buying the things you use regularly in slightly larger batches makes sense and enables us to offer lower prices because we are only serving you once rather than multiple times.

Aqua One Carbon and Polymer Wool Multi Packs.

You will certainly use a few of these in the course of a year and it makes sense to have a couple of spares on hand for unexpected emergency use too. Don’t worry about the cartridges going ‘off’ or losing their efficiency with being stored, as long as they are kept in a cool dry place the shelf life of the Aqua One Carbon and Polymer Wool Cartridges will exceed a year.

Aqua One Heater Multi Packs

We offer heaters in a multi pack for two reasons. You may simply have two aquariums or wish to share your purchase with a friend. But, more likely, if you have a larger aquarium it really makes sense to heat the aquarium with two smaller heaters rather than one large one. For example: if your set up holds 300l we would certainly advise that the use of two 150w heaters is quite a bit safer. If one heater fails the tank will limp along on a single heater until you can purchase another.

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