Aqua One LED Lights

Aqua One LED Lights For Aqua One AquaNano Aquariums

Aqua One Clip On LED Lights

Upgrade the lighting in your AquaNano or other small aquarium with the brand New Clip On LED lighting range from Aqua One. Fitted in seconds with a simple clamping system and no bulbs to change ever here at Aqua One Parts these great LED systems are delivered free of charge to your door.

Aqua One Clip On LED Lights. Should you change over?

LED’s are very much the coming thing in aquarium lighting. LEDs have a long operating life, use less energy than many other lighting solutions and being ‘point source’ often produce a pleasant ‘rippled’ appearance in the aquarium.

Many large units are still very expensive as they require a great number of bright LEDs to produce sufficient light for bigger set ups. However, Aqua One have now introduced a small range of clip on LED light fittings which are ideal for smaller aquariums many of which don’t have a traditional aquarium ‘canopy’.

The new clip on LED units are compact and easy to fit to any vertical tank surface using a simple glass-safe clamping system . The Aqua One LEDs are bright offering good water penetration in small set ups and an on and off switch is fitted for convenience. If you have an older AquaNano aquarium or any similar, small set up you will find the new LED light units fit in place of your old fitting and offer excellent value with no fluorescent tubes to change ever again…..

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