Bio Ring Plus

Bio Ring Plus ceramic filtration media

All about BioRing Plus and we do mean all…..

What is BioRing Plus?

BioRing plus is an advanced bio media chosen by us specifically to help you culture the largest population of helpful nitrifying bacteria within a small volume of media. It will outlast and outperform most other similar media and we are delighted to offer it exclusively to our customers. It isn’t a baked material. Instead it undergoes an industrial process called sintering whereby ceramic powder is heated and pressed together to form a very hard but extremely porous substance. The short, hollow tube format of BioRing Plus is deliberately chosen to promote maximum water flow over and around the media while also allowing a very slow flow through the media making use of as much as 98% of the available colonisation area.

Where Can I use BioRing Plus?

BioRing Plus is as close as we can get to a perfect Aquarium bio media having a massive surface area for bacteria to cling to and is equally suitable for use in all aquarium filters that have space for bio media including external canister filters, trickle filters, sump filters, box filters, deep bed and cross flow filters. BioRing Plus is just a bit larger than Aqua One’s Bio Noodles for example but fits easily in place of them.

Bio Ring Plus ceramic filtration media

How Long Will BioRing Plus Last?

Because the base material of BioRing Plus is so hard, it is less prone to cell collapse and will provide an excellent long term level of long term stability for your aquarium’s biological filter. But, do please remember that even the best bio media gets clogged up with debris over time and should be refreshed with some new pieces on an ongoing basis. We suggest that you change 25% of the media every three months or so giving a complete change every year but without the loss of filtration capacity caused when all the media is exchanged at once. Older BioRing Plus becomes darker coloured with age and use so its easy to tell which are the oldest ones and replace them.

Can I change my existing Bio Media to BioRing Plus?

Certainly you can. As ever though, these things are best accomplished slowly if you already have fish in the set up, so change half of your media to BioRing Plus now and the other half in a month or two.

What Pack Sizes of BioRing Plus are available?

Despite being a premium product we want everyone to be able to afford BioRing Plus so, to keep costs low, we aren’t spending any of your money on packaging that you will immediately recycle and never see again. BioRing Plus will be supplied in a plain plastic bag containing either 450g or 1kg of the rings. The 450g pack will suit smaller set ups (up to AquaStyle 620 and CF700 filters), while the 1kg pack is ideal for larger canister filter (e.g. CF1000, CF1200, Advance 1050 and Advance 1250) or larger trickle filters such as AquaStyle 850 and 980)

How do I prepare BioRing Plus for use?

A quick rinse under the tap to get rid of any ceramic dust from the manufacturing process is all that’s required. BioRing Plus is essentially inert in water and cannot harm your livestock in any way.

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